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Chester Fields Splashdown Eagle Sculpture

The meticulously carved bird is cast in bronze. The splash is cast in stainless steel. The silver-plated
eagle head and tail is highlighted with a gold-plated beak and eyes. The sculpture is on a marble
base with a rainbow trout and 10 pt. diamond eyes. "Splashdown" measures 48" high by 36" wide.

As an art dealer in the 1980's and 90's I worked closely with Chester Fields. I sold many of his Eagle sculptures, more than anyone else during that time period.

Chester Fields and I became good friends spending countless hours talking about his work and the art business. Chester respected my thoughts and called on me for all kinds of advice.

Realizing Chester Fields sculptures are amongst the best in the world and that he has the potential to be recognized as one of America’s greatest artist I decided to purchase one for myself. Chester's Eagle sculptures has been acquired by Harley Davidson, Chevron Corporation, Jepson Corporation, the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, the Sultan of Brunei, Kristy Yamaguchi, and August A. Busch III. I felt it was a solid investment.

The decision of which Eagle sculpture to purchase was easy for me. Splashdown, Chester Fields first and I believe greatest work of art. I have admired it since I first laid eyes on it in 1984. Splashdown is also Chester Fields first monumental sculpture and measures 11' 6" high.

Not having an honorable place for "Splashdown" at the time I told Chester I wanted the last one cast. Most think the lower numbers are more valuable. This dates to stone lithography where the more images printed the more wear on the stone, hence lesser quality print. Chester Fields once said to me the more sculptures he build the better he gets. My Splashdown is number 75/75, the very last one he cast.

There are ten Artist Proofs which are distinguished from the numbered series with 10pt diamond eyes , a rainbow trout instead of a brown trout and a marble base instead of a walnut base. I asked and Chester Fields agreed to dress mine like the Artist Proof Edition with  diamond eyes, rainbow trout and gorgeous marble base.

After viewing many Splashdowns I noticed they differed in the angle they were attached to the stainless steel splash. Some were pointed down and others tilted upward. I felt the up angle was more realistic as it allowed me to easily imagine the eagle snatching the trout out of the water and lifting off. I asked and Chester Fields agreed to weld mine on an upward angle. It is absolutely stunning!

I considered  the purchase of Splashdown as an investment in my later years. Honored to have owned this spectacular work of art for many decades it is time to part with it.

Included in the sale are the numerous items Chester Fields has sent me over the years. Understanding Chester Fields importance to American art history I saved all my correspondence with him. Letters, signed photos, many from the foundry, plus articles and catalogs of his work and career.  It is all yours with the acquisition.

$125,000 or best offer

For more information contact:

Tom McGrady



11' 6" Splashdown Monument

Dear Mr. Chester Fields,

I enjoyed meeting and talking with you yesterday. Your beautiful eagle sculpture makes a statement in our lobby that employees can be proud of. The quality and attention to detail in your workmanship is a perfect fit with the tradition of our company. We look forward to enjoying it for many years to come.

Best Regards,

August A. Busch III


"Spashdown" Eagle Monument Tommie Goh Singapore


"Splashdown" Eagle Monument Fountain Private Home San Anita


Chester Fields Splashdown Eagle Sculpture

Chester Fields in the foundry with 48 inch "Splashdown" and  clay monument model.


Chester Fields Splashdown Eagle Sculpture

Under construction!

Chester Fields in foundry with "Splashdown" monument.


Chester Fields Splashdown Eagle Sculpture

Chester Fields in foundry with clay model for monument.

I even have a copy of the internal structural engineering blueprints for the "Splashdown" monument! And its all yours with the acquisition of "Splashdown"

$125,000 or best offer

For more information contact:
Tom McGrady



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